Comida For Familias, Inc. uses the term “official volunteers” to describe volunteers that have a strong ties with the organization.

The reason why Comida For Familias, Inc. (CFF) has the option for individuals to have strong ties with the organization is due to how the IRS views taxpayers volunteering with the organization. Before we go more into detail about why it is important how the IRS views people, let’s identify what it means to be a volunteer with CFF.


The legal definition of a volunteer can be found in 29 CFR § 553.101:

An individual who performs hours of service…

Written by Prerna Bhardwaj

UX researcher, designer, architect, interface designer, and some other similar job titles have been floating in the web-design industry a lot lately. Sometimes it gets difficult to decide which of these is a perfect fit for you. In my view anything that works with your SOFT SKILLS is perfect for you. These skills have been emphasized more than hard skills because the latter can be learned from someone or you can gain them with experience. …

“The more efficient way to provide food to those in need. Sign up as a driver or request food from those in your community.” -By Levi Schubkegel

From the start, our goal with Needy Delivery was to re-skin an Uber Eats like project, modify it a bit, and get it out the door, FAST! With Thanksgiving fast approaching and the giving season to follow shortly after, we knew we wanted to get this product shipped and iterate after the fact.

As a volunteer UX Designer at Comida for Familias, I created this design, using Uber Eats as a basis of design.

The Design Process

Empathize: Competitive Analyses and User Research

A previous UX Designer performed the primary user research and competitive analyses on this project. What they gathered was a list of already existing applications that…

Save money by hosting multiple websites on one server. Note: This tutorial assumes that you have a nodejs droplet (server) and the DNS setup.

If you have to create multiple websites as a developer, you probably know that it starts to get expensive hosting each website on a hosting provider. However if you are using a service like Digital Ocean or AWS to host your website then there is a way how to host multiple websites on a single server using server blocks. In this article I am going to show you how to create server blocks within your Digital Ocean droplet (aka server) using Nginx.


If you already have everything set up and all that is missing is the code, here is the…

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